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David Drew MP - We must support our farmers, who have been let down by this Government

Farming is the backbone of our rural economy, our food supply and our rural environment.

But farmers are among the many groups let down by this Government this week. Key pieces of legislation such as the Agriculture Bill, as well as bills determining the future of fisheries and trade, have now been left hanging in the balance, after the Government prorogued parliament

Stroud children from poorer backgrounds are nearly two years behind the education level of their peers

By the end of secondary school, disadvantaged pupils in Stroud constituency are 20 months behind their non-disadvantaged peers.

The ‘disadvantage gap’ is wider in Stroud constituency than the average for England, which has an 18 month gap. Being poorer should not mean that you fall behind at school.

Sadly the evidence shows a growing gap between children from disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged backgrounds.