Campaigners welcome David Drew MP’s support for onshore wind

Campaigners welcome David Drew MP’s support for onshore wind

David Drew MP has signed a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister asking her to undo the blocks the government has placed on onshore wind energy.

This support was welcomed by 10:10 Climate Action and Power for People, who are coordinating the letter.

The letter, now signed by 30 MPs, highlights that onshore wind is supported by over three quarters of the UK public, and is our cheapest energy source.

Despite public concern about climate change reaching a ten year high, since 2015 government policy has prevented new onshore wind turbines from being built. In light of this, David Drew MP is calling on the government to amend planning and energy policy to allow new projects to be brought forward.

Ellie Roberts, Campaign Manager at 10:10 Climate Action, said,

“We’re delighted that David Drew is standing up for onshore wind. For years, new wind projects have been grinding to a halt due to government blocks - just at the moment we need to be stepping up our action on climate change.”

Steve Shaw, Director of Power for People, said,

“By signing this letter, David Drew is helping bring back one of our cheapest and most popular renewables. We warmly welcome his support for onshore wind.”

David Drew said,


“Onshore wind is a key part of decarbonising the UK’s energy system, and it even has potential to bring down energy bills for consumers because of its low cost. The planning system should reflect this. I will do all I can to support onshore wind and the realisation of these changes.”

Cross party letter calling for support for onshore wind energy

Dear Prime Minister

Onshore Wind Energy

Onshore wind is the cheapest new source of energy in the UK today - and the UK is the windiest country in Europe. Wind has great potential to benefit our local communities, our economy and our environment. New government policy is now needed to realise these benefits.

Onshore wind can play a key role in an ambitious industrial strategy delivering clean, cheap and smart energy to businesses and consumers alike. As well as being the cheapest new energy source, clean or otherwise, there is welcome excitement expressed by energy industry companies, both small and large, about the growth opportunities that onshore wind presents.

Furthermore, onshore wind energy is vital to our aim of achieving our climate targets at least cost and the inspiring vision of a before-2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target.

Local communities also stand to benefit. New onshore wind developments mean the opportunity to lock in local investment for our villages, towns and cities and to guarantee local revenue sharing through proven business models.

Public support across the country for onshore wind is large. Government statistics show that 76% of people now support onshore wind - ten times the proportion opposed. In addition to this, two thirds of people are supportive of turbines within five miles of their home. Yet this high public support is not widely known.

Concern where new turbines are proposed should be addressed. We believe in local democratic decision making. Applications for new wind turbines should face a fair and reasonable local planning process and be treated in the same way as other renewable or low carbon energy.

To realise these benefits for consumers, businesses and communities our planning and financial frameworks need updating in order to ensure that onshore wind is given the fair opportunity it deserves within our energy mix.

We therefore ask that:

  • The National Planning Policy Framework is amended so that applications for small-scale onshore wind developments in England of no more than five megawatts are treated in the same way as any other application for renewable and low carbon energy.

  • Onshore wind is allowed to lower power prices through the resumption of competitive electricity market auctions for low carbon energy for the cheapest technologies.

Yours sincerely,

Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Ben Bradley MP

Benjamin Bradshaw MP

Tom Brake MP

Alan Brown MP

Vince Cable MP

Ronnie Campbell MP

Maria Caulfield MP

Alex Chalk MP

Simon Clarke MP

Jon Cruddas MP

Ed Davey MP

David Drew MP

Rosie Duffield MP

Zac Goldsmith MP

Richard Graham MP

Damian Green MP

Kevin Hollinrake MP

Peter Kyle MP

Jeremy Lefroy MP

Caroline Lucas MP

Seema Malhotra MP

Kerry McCarthy MP

Anna McMorrin MP

John McNally MP

Damien Moore MP

Layla Moran MP

Matthew Offord MP

Mike Penning MP

Rebecca Pow MP

Liz Saville Roberts MP

Virendra Sharma MP

Tommy Sheppard MP

Andrew Selous MP

Alex Sobel MP

Derek Thomas MP

Stephen Timms MP

David Warburton MP

Catherine West MP

Sarah Wollaston MP

Helen Hayes MP

Darren Jones MP

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