Stroud schools working with David Drew MP to reduce plastic use  

Stroud schools working with David Drew MP to reduce plastic use  

Young people in two Stroud schools have been working with David Drew MP to find ways to reduce plastic use and packaging.

“It’s been heartening to learn how Stroud students are so motivated to protect their environment,” said Mr Drew, MP for Stroud.

His office was contacted by Marling School’s newly formed Eco-Committee which invited a member of David’s staff to join the boys for their committee meeting.

In the meeting they were joined by the school’s catering manager to look at ways to reduce packaging in their school canteen as well as discussing other ideas including; a plastic free week, student monitors to encourage recycling at lunch time and using environmentally friendly cleaning products around the school.

“Our new Eco-Committee is passionate about the environment. They are being really proactive in changing attitudes to recycling and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly materials. I have been really impressed with their drive and determination” said Stuart Wilson, headteacher at Marling School.

“I was really pleased to hear about their discussion and imaginative ideas,” said David Drew MP.

Mr Drew has also received letters from pupils at Stroud Valley Community Primary School urging him to find ways of reducing plastic.

They have been researching the impact of plastic pollution and called on him to take action.

 “I feel strongly for marine mammals and their environment and I want plastic pollution to stop,” wrote pupil Rosie Miller, in her letter to him.

“There are so many marine species that are being affected by plastic pollution. Did you know that plastic bags are often mistaken for jellyfish and turtles eat them causing it to suffocate?” wrote Stan Finch to Mr Drew.

“I am writing to you to persuade you to reconsider single use plastic within your work. Plastics don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade and this involves plastic breaking down and the fish eating it. Toxins can be in plastic, harming the marine species such as turtles and fish like angel fish, cat fish, spotted fish and tiger fish,” wrote Stroud Valley pupil, Angel Freeland in her letter.

Mr Drew said it was encouraging the young people were working to raise awareness of the issue, and he has written letters of reply to the pupils.

“As Shadow Minister for the environment, I have been working on this issue for some time now. I have been asking questions in Parliament about why they use so much plastic there, and every time I meet with packaging and food and drink manufacturers I talk to them about how they plan to reduce their use of plastic,” wrote Mr Drew.

“I am also planning to meet with some of the supermarkets around Stroud to ask them to think about ways to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use.”

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