Celebrating the centenary of the first women casting their vote - and David's Vote100 quiz answers revealed

Celebrating the centenary of the first women casting their vote - and David's Vote100 quiz answers revealed

Stroud MP David Drew joined Stroud High School students on Friday to celebrate the centenary of the first general election which allowed women to vote, and to meet winners of his Vote 100 quiz.

David had invited constituents to enter his Vote 100 quiz with questions focusing on the role of women in UK politics.

At Stroud High School, politics teacher Katy Ivey, encouraged students to enter and, on Friday, David visited the school to meet the winners wearing their prize of their Vote 100 t-shirts.

“It was a pleasure to visit Stroud High and talk to the students about their aspirations for the future and women’s progress in politics over the last century. Friday was also the centenary of the first election in which women were able to vote and stand for election, so it was the perfect day to meet with the students at the school,” said David.

“I also met a group of SHS students who are looking at ways to reduce food waste at the school and I’ve promised to meet with them again in the new year.

It is great to see young people continuing to drive forward innovation and environmental improvement.”

Katy Ivey, politics teacher at Stroud High School said:

“Stroud High student engagement in politics has always been exceptional.  These winners had to research and answer questions on the first 100 Years of Women in Parliament indicating they are well equipped for their participation in the next 100 years. Thank you to David Drew for this wonderful opportunity.”


1.      Who was the first woman MP in the UK?

2.      When did women first get the vote in the UK?

3.      How many women MPs are in the UK House of Commons today in a) number and b) as a percentage of all MPs?

4.      Who was the first woman Prime Minister of the UK?

5.      The UK Labour party has been led by two women. Can you name them?

6.      There has been one women speaker of the House of Commons. Who was it?

7.      Who died after throwing herself under King George V’s horse at the Derby? And what is the connection to the late MP Tony Benn?

8.      What were the colours of the UK Suffragette movement?

9.      Which parliament in the world has the highest proportion of women MPs?

10.  Who is the UK’s current Minster for Women?





1.      Viscountess Nancy Astor.

2.      The Representation of the People Act 1918 saw British women over 30 gain the right to vote. It wasn’t until 1928 that women gained the vote on the same terms as men (from the age of 21).

3.      In General Election 2017 a) 208 women MPs were elected to the House of Commons. b) This is the highest ever proportion, at 32%.

4.      Margaret Hilda Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990

5.      Margaret Beckett (May to July 1994) and Harriet Harman (May-Sept 2010 and May-Sept 2015) were both acting leaders of the Labour Party.

6.      Betty Boothroyd.

7.      a) Emily Davidson.
b) Tony Benn MP put up a plaque for Emily Davison in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, House of Commons. In 2001, he said, “I have put up several plaques—quite illegally, without permission; I screwed them up myself. One was in the broom cupboard to commemorate Emily Wilding Davison, and another celebrated the people who fought for democracy and those who run the House. If one walks around this place, one sees statues of people, not one of whom believed in democracy, votes for women or anything else. We have to be sure that we are a workshop and not a museum.”

8.      Purple, white and green.

9.      Rwanda

10.   Victoria Atkins MP


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