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2 August 2019

Summer’s here…

It’s August and Parliament is in recess, but this looks set to be a busy summer.
Although we have a new Prime Minister, I see little prospect of this hamstrung government delivering meaningful change for the people of Stroud who, like the rest of the country, deserve so much better.

Precious time has been squandered by the Tories, who have focused on rearranging personnel rather than sorting out the Brexit shambles and doing what’s best for the country. A no-deal Brexit would be a disaster for our economy, our environment and our international standing. Any potential Brexit deal must now be subject to a fresh vote.

I’ll be continuing to work on key issues throughout the summer: housing, the climate crisis, clean air, better rural transport, fair funding for schools, and health services and social care which are fit for purpose. There is so much to be done!

This is also why I will seek to continue to represent the people of Stroud constituency -whenever the General Election comes - as your Labour MP, working for a fairer society for everyone.


The Time is now - acting on the climate crisis

It was good to see so many people from Stroud, Dursley and across Gloucestershire come to London for the Time is Now mass lobby calling for urgent action on the climate crisis. Nothing should be higher up the agenda than tackling the climate crisis.

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Cut red tape for people living with terminal illness

Recently, a Stroud resident diagnosed with terminal stage-four cancer, contacted me. In spite of his diagnosis, he was declared fit for work by the DWP and is subject to cruel reassessments to continue receiving benefits. I have raised this issue with Amber Rudd and am backing calls for a change to the Six-Month Life Expectancy rule so that people who are dying are not subject to additional stress and hardship.

Find out more about the campaign and read my letter here.


Fighting for Stroud schools

Over the last academic year, I’ve visited nearly all of our primary and secondary schools. It’s been a joy to meet so many young people and the staff working hard to support them. Archway School’s intention to go carbon neutral, and discussions with young reporters from Haresfield Primary (pictured here), are just some of the exciting projects in Stroud schools.

So it’s sad that their budgets are still so stretched.

I will be meeting Gloucestershire headteachers in September to back their calls for a complete overhaul of school funding, ahead of the government’s Autumn Spending Review.


Supporting businesses and rebuilding rural communities

It was good to welcome Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to Stroud last month for an engaging discussion with local businesses and constituents about how to rebuild an economy that works for everyone.

Transport, rural infrastructure, training, and recruitment of staff with the skills we need were all key themes. These have also been the key findings of my year-long programme of visiting Stroud businesses and employers.

Read the report here.


Better buses

Time and again, constituents tell me that poor public transport reduces their ability to access employment, training and educational opportunities. So I’m working with the Campaign for Better Transport to push for a National Bus Strategy, and will be meeting with Stagecoach soon to look at improving buses across Stroud.

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In numbers

In the past year, David has spoken in 300 debates in the Houses of Parliament

David has asked 700 written questions of government ministers this year

His caseworkers have helped 1,600 Stroud people since June 2017

David’s debates in July included: tackling the housing crisis (watch here), support for cyclists and horse riders on our roads; religious freedom, the crisis in Sudan, and more.

Read David’s annual report here


Talk to David and his team

I hold regular Pub Politics and Cafe Politics sessions. Details on my website

My caseworkers’ regular advice sessions will be at:

  • Thurs 8 Aug, The Prince Albert, Rodborough, 4pm to 5.30pm

  • Thurs 22 Aug, The Carpenter’s Arms, Miserden, 1.30pm to 3pm

  • Thurs 29 Aug, street stall, Bussage

  • Thurs 19 Sept, The Hog at Horsley, 1.30pm to 3pm

  • Sat 21 Sept, street stall, Nailsworth, 1.30pm to 3pm


Thank you for your support


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