Stroud's voice in Parliament

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I was delighted to be re-elected in June 2017 to serve as Labour MP for the Stroud constituency and return to parliament to represent the people of the district.

As your MP, my aim is to make sure that all of Stroud - its villages, valleys and market towns - is a vibrant place to live and work, with opportunities for all.

It’s my role to be your voice in parliament, holding the government to account on the issues that affect all our lives, whether on local matters or national policy.

I cannot do that effectively without also listening to you and I try to spend as much time as I can meeting community groups, individuals, businesses and representatives of our public services. My caseworking team also works with individuals to help assist with specific issues.

As a Shadow Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, I have a particular interest in making sure we look after our countryside sustainably, including its wildlife, rural economy and the communities who live there.

Like you, I know how special it is to live in the Stroud district, and it is a privilege to work with you to make it even better.

David Drew MP   MP for the Stroud Constituency

David Drew MP
MP for the Stroud Constituency